Phill's Bamboo Build

Fly fishing for the wiley trout has become a passion in my family. My grandson and I progressed from throwing conventional spin casting rigs to casting entry-level fly rods - from bass to trout.

We then endured a long, steep, trial-and-error learning curve before we actually caught some of the little bastards. Many trips to the Driftless coming up skunked before we learned to throw nymphs in the riffles. LOL


How I Do It

So now we’ve netted our share of brownies, brookies and bows in the Driftless and in Colorado. Always on the hunt for new ways to ply our passion.

For me, anyway, the next logical step in this beloved journey was to build our own bamboo rods. The COVID pandemic gave me a lot of time in the winter of 2020. Initially just made tomato stakes but determined naiveté brought a couple fishable sweetgrass rods to fruition.